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Playful Loft Space

Mews house, gallery space with sleeping areas.

As part of a total refurbishment and extension to a Mews house we designed a year or so before, our Clients came back to us and asked what could be done to access and use the low attic space to create another sleeping space for their expanding family. The local authority had denied permission to change the roofline making a new stair up to the attic impossible. 

Our custom design solution was to completely remove the ceiling in a guest bedroom and open up into the attic space. We designed a mezzanine and created an additional bedroom and playroom. Halfway up the gallery stairs we built a cosy bed platform and under it a walk-in closet. In the side of the stair, we created shelves for kids toys and books. For safety we enclosed the mezzanine levels and stairs with full height balusters.


The result a fun cool multi-function space. A magical children’s den, with 3 bed areas, a practical attic storage and boiler cupboard, a spacious walk-in closet, a bunk, a double bedroom/play area.  A very sweet way to share a room with siblings and yet have your personal space.

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